Spy Gear

Bullet Blocker Backpacks

Backpacks that will keep you and your family members safe!

Personal Safety Devices

Safety devices to keep on your person - alarms and bulletproof items.

Detection Devices

Camera and bug detectors for identifying unwanted surveillance.

Hidden Compartments

Hide your valuables in plain sight! We offer diversion safes & containers that are indistinguishable from originals.

GPS Trackers

Real-time GPS trackers keep a log of driving trips, track your drivers, & even find your car if it’s stolen.

Crime Scene Forensic

Professional fingerprinting products (and more) for crime scene forensic studies and investigations.

Drug Testing Kits

We offer professional grade products for drug testing.

Voice Recorders

Professional devices for voice recording.

Surveillance Products

Professional grade products
Listening devices.

Hidden Cameras

Everyday looking electronics & devices with a built-in hidden camera.

Motion Sensor Devices

Products geared to give you an awareness of motion outside.