Security Monitoring

At Black Ops Security Systems, we strive to only offer our customers the best products and services. When it comes to central-station monitoring, five-diamond rated service can’t be beat.

What is Five-Diamond Star Rated?

24/7 Central Monitoring for your Peace of Mind

Contact Central Station or Cancel a False Alarm

To contact Central Station or Cancel a False Alarm call 208-963-8008 or 1-877-206-9141

When your alarm is activated, the monitoring center will notify you based on the type of alarm received. Many service providers simply text or email, but we ensure that contact is made with those you have listed as points of contact on your account.

Once the alarm is verified, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Department Personnel or Police Response is dispatched. Communication to emergency responders will happen within minutes. Email and text-only systems have far more potential points of failure if you’re traveling, have your phone turned off or your internet is down. We ensure that contact is made.

100% Redundancy

Bad things can and do happen, but each of the 100% geographically dispersed central stations are staffed 24/7 and have the ability to handle and carry 100% of the load. Our exclusive, automatic toll-free re-route directs phone traffic seamlessly to the other facility if there’s an issue. We regularly schedule disaster simulations so we are prepared at any moment, under any circumstance, to meet the needs of customers. Our 100% redundancy includes receivers, telephones, data and facilities

We’re proud to serve the best home security systems and commercial security systems in the US, but our PERS Medical monitoring solutions are also state-of-the-art and a large part of our business. the protection they deserve with an alarm monitoring company that cares about customers.

  • Fire Alarm Monitoring

    Because we’ve been monitoring fire alarm systems we know and understand relevant NFPA codes and standards. We’re in compliance with local Authorities

  • PERS Personal Medical Monitoring

    With years of experience in monitoring Personal Emergency Response Systems, BlackOps is the industry leader in PERS and medical alert monitoring. We treat every PERS subscriber with compassion and respect.

  • Security Alarm Monitoring

    BlackOps Monitoring Centers excels in commercial and residential security systems. We work closely with our dealers to customize procedures in order to meet the unique needs of your

  • 2-Way Voice Monitoring

    Two-Way Voice capability allows monitors to initiate a conversation over a two-way communicator at the premise immediately after the receipt of an alarm signal.operator will announce that they have received an alarm signal and attempt to discuss the situation with the alarm owner.

  • Video Monitoring

    Specializes in many types of alarm monitoring and delivers professional service with industry-leading response times
    is an affordable video solution for residential & business account giving them the ability to look in on their premises with any web-enabled cell phone or PC, anytime, anywhere. Supports any CCTV camera.

Video Alarm Verification

  • Keep connected with event-driven video alerts, notifications and the ability to look in on your homes, families and businesses anytime, anywhere, on an iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ device
  • Secure communications, firewall-friendly video streaming and web-based camera configuration
  • Attractive, easy-to-use interface with customizable multiple images, sizing capability, streaming views and pan/tilt control
  • Can be sold as a standalone offering or with security for a solution that is absolutely unmatched—all from one seamless, integrated platform
  • Stores up to 500MB of video clips