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Black Ops is a local company with professionalism and integrity. They are always available to assist with computer network,  television satellite system issues (like lost signal and reception in a storm). Black Ops came out to my home and restored the signal and fixed the dish so snow couldn’t accumulate in the future!

Roger is a client of mine, he is very knowledgeable of computer issues. He is able to very quickly resolve and find solutions to problems, able to establish remote access to my laptop computer. One time when I was on my trip to Hawaii (in flight and my email would not work) Roger at Black Ops was able to establish web x connect and quickly fix the SMTP server settings and didn’t even charge service fees even at 36,000 feet in the air.

One night when I was home late, some out-of-control and rowdy kids had broken a window. The alarm sounded with the glass break detector; the 2 way voice works great – it was very easy to use and communicate to the operator/dispatcher. I would most definitely recommend Black Ops to anyone that is in need of a security system, specifically  2 way voice option, as I never thought much of it until an incident like this occurred.

When it came to service issues, Black Ops was really great to work with as they had our window replaced. They were very flexible with availability. Very nice and knowledgeable customer service; even at 11:45 pm at night. Thanks, Black Ops!

Black Ops with me is AAA ++++. This summer they installed a home security system in my basement and the gate. Their professional team of installers knew what I had in mind and even better, was able to connect my Onkyo sound with the ability to interact with Alexa. This allows me to turn on and off the sound, also to contact the gates and motion device while I am out at the pool.

Black Ops are professional experts with working knowledge and solutions to resolve safety and security issues. My husband is currently deployed in the Air Force and has been deployed for quite some time and I live some distance from town. Black Ops installed a security system in my home and an Infrared driveway detector so I am aware when someone is entering my driveway. The service center at Black Ops is always friendly; has much knowledge of security systems and is able quickly assist with change settings and configuration.

Black Ops has a very nice and professional customer service experience. A lot of customer service departments these days (at security companies) have operators that are very hard to understand, have foreign accents – such as from India and don’t speak English very well. Black Ops has a local 208 number for their customer service, not some 800 or 888 number to call and speak with someone outside of the United States.

As we returned home from being out of town over the 4th of July, we found that our home was broken into. Thanks to the greatest team of professionals at Black Ops Security who came out that very night and installed a security system and protected our home!

Black ops is open 24/7. They are a professional service company who offered me assistance with technical issues one night when I called their office at 8:30 pm. Expecting to get a answer service or automated attendant, much to my surprise, I actually got a real person on the phone when Roger answered and remoted in to my computer with Web X and fixed the printer drivers for me.

Thanks so much Black Ops!

Black Ops Security installed a Hikvision NVR and Carma system in our home in Star. I am often home alone as my fiance is away on work as a commercial airline pilot. Roger at Black Ops was very patient and understanding in teaching me how to use the HikConnect mobile app and came out to my home multiple times. He was very flexible with my schedule. The Hikvision system give me piece of mind for my personal safety and security.

I am the Legal Assistant to Attorneys Shay Dershowitz and Charice Mckellen and Roger is a client. As the legal assistant, it is my job to address the progress of the case that represents Black Ops over the last year. Roger has assisted with West Law LexisNexis and showed me shortcuts, how to use the windows key to access information more quickly. Roger has helped me to advise Shay and Charice of the best type of printer to purchase and even helped to fine a Xerox dealer in the Hyannis area. Roger even recommended the Xerox C405 – this is great printer and does everything under the sun! Roger has used WebX to remote into my computer in order to quickly fix the Network Drive and the VPN Client Software, so that I can work from home.

I must say that I was very much impressed when I heard about how Roger was able to fix Shay’s email while in flight at 36,000 feet in the air, that really takes some advanced skills and abilities. Since Roger is Microsoft certified, he has the skills and abilities to quickly resolve any computer network issue and finds solutions. Thanks to Roger at Black Ops!

Black Ops Security helped my mother install a security system in her home and give her piece of mind while she is away out of state and when my mother had issues with the next door neighbor.

Thanks to Black Ops Security when my girlfriend Hailey was home alone one night (I work graveyard shift) when a window was broken by some rowdy teenager, the alarm sound as a glass broke. Police was dispatched by Black Ops Security Monitor Center and the Police arrived quickly, then catching some kids running away! Thanks Black Ops Security.