Fingerprinting Retabs


If you happen to smudge a print during fingerprinting, Retabs are the solution. Retabs are small adhesive covers used to correct a smudged or incorrectly rolled fingerprint. Simply tear a Retabs from the roll with the backing intact, roll the fingerprint on the Retabs sticker until you receive an acceptable print, remove the Retabs from protective backing and place the Retabs sticker on the fingerprint card. The stickers are on a continuous roll of 500 per box.

The FBI requires that no more than two Retabs labels be on a single card. More than two labels and the card may be rejected. Check with the agency you are submitting your cards to before fingerprinting to see if they will accept cards with Retabs stickers attached to them or not, and if so, if they have a maximum number of stickers per card.