Personal Protection Detail

The Executive Protection services is the Personal Security Detail. Offering individualized and in-depth security services, BSG Personal Security Details are tailor-made to suit any individual or collective threat. Whatever situation you may encounter, BSG Personal Security Details are equipped and trained to meet it head on. More than that, however, BSG Personal Security Details do the advance work necessary to assess and neutralize threats before they become a problem.

The Ins and Outs of the BSG Personal Security Detail:

• Client Interview
• Threat Investigation
• Threat Assessment
• Advance Work
• Implementation of Personal Security Detail
• Periodic update of Threat Assessment while risk remains viable

Executive Protection

Utilizing armed or unarmed Personal Security Details, BSG provides 24-hour protection for clients both in and out of the public eye. Trained agents with years of experience protecting VIPs, dignitaries and business persons, conduct thorough threat assessment, advance and on-site inspections and residential protection services for all clients.



Utilizing the newest technologies and innovations BSG can outfit your home or office with up to date, real-time surveillance to ensure your safety. Experts in installing and maintaining surveillance, BSG can also conduct on-site counter-surveillance following threat and risk assessments.


Residential Protective Services

BSG can provide 24-hour armed or unarmed protection for your home and family. With full security details, BSG is able to ensure that your home and family are protected against any threat. With years of protecting high-profile clients and their homes, BSG agents are versed in protective posturing and surveillance, allowing you to live your life without worrying about the safety of your loved ones.

Risk/Threat Assessment

Using their extensive backgrounds in law enforcement and executive protection, BSG agents conduct comprehensive assessments of any threat to their clients. With surveillance technology and investigative techniques, BSG makes a point to identify and compromise potential threats before they pose a problem.

Discreet Professionalism

BSG agents conduct themselves with the highest standards of personal conduct. All agents are required to sign a strict confidentiality agreement thus ensuring the highest standard of privacy for clients. BSG employs both male and female agents who speak multiple languages and come from a variety of backgrounds. All have been trained to make certain that your protection does not interfere with your life or business.

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