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Take the hassle out of your technology with Boise’s premier IT service. Whether you’ve got a single workstation or a large network, our specialists will take care of your technology. Get the most out of your IT investment and enjoy peace of mind today. All work is 100% guaranteed.

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What Makes Us Distinct

Learn about what makes Black Ops Technologies one of Boise’s Best IT Company, and what separates us from our competition.

Black Ops Technologies is an information technology service & consulting firm serving the Boise, Idaho and Treasure Valley Metro area with certified engineers and computer technicians as well as business managers who have a high interest in customer satisfaction. We specialize in Network Managed Services and Network support for your Home and Business. With the explosive growth in computer and internet use comes an increase in computer viruses, worms and other system inhibiting problems, but also complex software applications, newer and more difficult operating systems and more and more IT-specific computer problems.

Boise IT Managed Services

In addition to constant monitoring of your IT systems, our IT services include discounts on service time and priority scheduling.

Computer Repair & Support

Black Ops Technologies offers all aspects of computer repair and IT support for your Business or Home computer networks.


It All Starts With A Domain Name
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Hardware Support

With a team of specialists, Black Ops Technologies IT services include computer system setup, wiring, phone systems, and more.

IT Managed Services

Managing IT services to one provider is extremely beneficial when dealing with IT service, reliability, support, and budgeting.

Laptop Repair & Support

Black Ops Technologies offers all aspects of laptop computer repair and IT support for your Business or Home computer networks.

Network Assessment Reports

Sample assessment reports that Black Ops Technologies  puts together for your benefit. Check some of them out

Network Products

Networking products for your home or business: routers, modems, range extenders, wireless access points, switches, repeaters, and cables.

Residential Services

If you are looking to get any IT services done at your home, click below.

Security Management

Black Ops Technologies in Boise provides cutting edge, up-to-date computer network IT security solutions for your business IT network.

Server Repair & Support

Black Ops Technologies offers all aspects of repair & support for your business or home computer server.

Software Downloads

Curious on what software Black Ops Technologies uses and recommends?

Check out some free downloads!

Software Support

Black Ops Black Ops Technologies managed IT services and software support allows your business to utilize the best software available for your business.