Residential & Commercial Custom Security Systems in Eagle, Idaho

At Black Ops Security Systems, your safety is our top priority and whether it’s a mobile application for a homeowner or a custom-build system for a commercial property, we make security simple and convenient. We offer peace of mind for your family with complete security including customized security, 24-hour monitoring, remote access and more!

We Specialize in Securing Your Home and Business

With security services from Black Ops Security Systems, you'll receive a customized system built for your unique needs, 24/7 central monitoring and emergency response, remote control via a mobile app, outdoor security features, BlueTooth, WiFi, and more! Our systems are also affordable, so call today for an estimate!

  • Central Monitoring Systems
  • Computer Sales & Networking
  • Covert Camera Installation
  • Automation Systems
  • Z-Wave Connectivity
  • Outdoor Accents & Lighting
  • Customized Security Monitoring Systems
  • Closed Circuit Surveillance
  • Video Motion Door Bells
  • Mobile Security Applications
  • Custom Hideaway TVs & Picture Frames

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A Smarter Home is a Safer Home

Why Your Alarm System is Becoming Obsolete or outdated

Your home security system is only as strong as the technology behind it. It’s important to stay up to date with technology and change your system as new products become available. If your current system has one or more problems, it might be time to update that old obsolete system. According to Alarm System Report, over 2 million home burglaries are reported in the United States each year and, on average, a burglary of a home in the U.S. occurs every 13 seconds – or about four burglaries a minute, 240 an hour, and nearly 6,000 a day.

Both homeowners and renters need to consider these statistics when it comes to protecting their families, roommates, and possessions. One potential deterrent to home burglaries is a home security system, which, according to statistics, does influence whether a burglary will be successful. One major weakness of landline-based home security is the physical connection itself. With a landline system, an enterprising burglar could search for your phone connection and cut it prior to breaking and entering. This would prevent any distress signal from being sent to the monitoring station!